About Us

Aptech Africa Ltd. is Africa’s Solar Energy and Water Pump Specialist. It has offices located in South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Central African Republic.

Aptech Africa was founded in 2006 as a distribution and installation company for some of the most reputable brands from Europe and the US. It developed a reputation for distributing high quality products and providing exceptional installation services which allowed it to expand to multiple countries. Aptech Africa continues to grow because it has distinguished itself from other solar companies due to its ability to provide outstanding service, warranty, and competitive pricing.

Today, Aptech Africa is a fully registered company that supplies and provides complete assessments, solar designs and installation, and after sale services. Solar applications include solar power water pumps, solar water heating, office power supply, portable plug and play solar kits, solar street/security lights, water pipes, building materials, and solar powered refrigerators. Aptech offers sales services to help their clients find the ideal solar solution to their energy needs and after sales services to maintain their products and systems.


Aptech Africa as leaders in the market to achieve full access for all of Africa to affordable and reliable solar energy and water pumping solutions.
Aptech is a part of establishing solar as the primary means of clean power generation for Africa in a quest for improvements in the health, economic, and agriculture sectors.


To secure the long-term sustainability of our business by offering top technology and exceptional beginning-to-end service to our customers. To be recognized as experts in solar energy and water pumping for retail and project implementation.

This means we:

  1. Source the most reliable and well-respected brands internationally
  2. Keep stock locally available for quick supply in case of new emergencies
  3. Offer full warranty on all products, and reliable technical support as quickly as possible

For more information about our organization, please view our Company Profile

Abraham GhirmayMr. Abraham Ghirmay founded Aptech Africa in 2006 in Eritrea. He is the Managing Director of Aptech Africa in the Head Office in Uganda. He has been an engineer and manager for 10 years. Mr. Ghirmay expanded Aptech Africa to Juba, South Sudan in 2011, Uganda in 2014, and Rwanda and Sierra Leone in 2016. Mr. Ghirmay has extensive experience in solar installation in East Africa and has overseen Aptech as it has grown to become a multinational business and a leader in solar installation in the region.

Mr. Metkel Zerai  is the Managing Director to the Aptech Africa South Sudan branch. Mr. Zerai has been with Aptech Africa for 6 years working in Juba, South Sudan. Mr. Zerai is an expert in marketing and sales and has partnered with several major NGOs and government organizations in South Sudan.

Mr. Asteway Yigezu is the West Africa Regional Director, Sierra Leone. He has worked extensively in South Sudan, Maldives, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia for organizations such as the UN and other NGOs. He has a MSc in Construction Management and Technology and a BS in Civil/Hydraulic Engineering. Mr. Yigezu is using his extensive experience in renewable/solar energy, infrastructure construction, and project design and implementation to provide outstanding management for Aptech Africa.

Mr. Asmerom is the General Manager for the Uganda Head Office. He has been an engineer for 12 years and has worked extensively in Eritrea, Dubai, South Sudan, and Uganda. Mr. Asmerom is an expert within the solar industry and is in charge of managing all the operations out of the Uganda Head Office. Mr. Asmerom is also responsible for introducing the latest solar technology and systems to the company.

Keneth BaryaijaMr. Keneth Baryaija is the Technical Manager for the Aptech Head Office. He has a diploma in mechanical engineering. He has been an engineer for 6 years and has been working with Aptech Africa for 2 years. He has experience working extensively in South Sudan as well as all around Uganda. Mr. Baryaija is an expert in installing solar water systems and solar applications of all types.

Laura CorcoranLaura Corcoran is the Business Development Manager for the Uganda Head Office. She has over 9 years of experience working in East Africa in management and development work. She has also lived and worked in Japan and South Korea. Ms. Corcoran has a Masters Degree in Development work and is working together with Aptech Africa to bring solar energy to East Africa.

Mr. Filmon Yemane Haile is the Managing Director of the Aptech Africa Rwanda branch. Mr. Filmon studied at The Eritrean Institute of Technology and has been working for Aptech Africa for several years. Mr. Filmon has extensive experience working in solar technology and installation in South Sudan and Uganda. He also has several years of marketing experience in the solar industry and served as head of marketing for the Aptech Africa South Sudan branch.

Mr. Kidane Tesfamichael Malu is the General Director of the Aptech Africa Central African Republic branch. He has worked as an engineer for Aptech AFrica for the past four years in South Sudan and the Central African Republic. He is an expert in both solar energy and water pumps and has worked as the manager of the Aptech branch office in Wau, South Sudan.