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Environmental ImpactIn the world today, most countries rely on fossil fuels to supply energy. Natural gas, oil, and coal are the most common fossil fuels which make up the majority of energy sources. These energy sources have the disadvantage of rising prices, decreasing supply, and a concern for the environmental impact these sources have on climate change.

According to a report released by the World Nuclear Association in July of 2011, fuel sources had had the following greenhouse emissions:


All major world players from the UN to Pope Francis have recognized the need for a global change towards renewable energy sources. Of all the renewable sources for electricity, solar is one of the fastest growing. Solar power has many advantages. First, it reduces the dependence on fossil fuels. Secondly, through a careful energy assessment, or an analysis of the amount of sunshine in an area, a solar system can be sized and configured to generate a reliable source of electricity. In addition, the generation of solar power equipment has a limited impact on the environment compared to other energy sources. Solar can be installed in a variety of locations from the rooftops of urban settings where space is limited to large scale projects in arid environments. Solar can also be installed in remote regions in off-grid locations.


Africa is blessed with an abundance of sunshine.  Yet as you can see in the below map, at night, Africa is left in the dark.


Currently, 7 in 10 Africans still lack access to power and 500 million Africans are expected to remain without power in 2040 (1). According to Innovation Africa, 66% of health facilities do not have a reliable source of electricity, which is necessary for vaccine storage, and 65% of schools do not have any kind of lighting. Access to clean water is also an issue, with one child dying every 2 minutes from a water-borne disease (2). According to HIS Technology, a US-based economic and energy market research company, Africa has 7 of the 10 sunniest countries in the world and has the solar power to generate 3,380MW by 2017 (1). By harvesting the existing abundant sunshine, Aptech Africa is working to be part of the solution by bringing electricity and clean water to East Africa.


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Africa is blessed with abundant sunshine, perfect for solar energy- yet most organizations rely on costly and polluting generator power. A typical office off the power grid spends $20,000-$80,000 USD per year on generator fuel and maintenance. Solar systems pay back in as little as 8 months- and typically no more than 36 months- by reducing or eliminating generator expenditures.

For organizations that are off the grid, solar is the obvious solution; however some organizations that find themselves in close proximity to power lines may be surprised to find that it is still cheaper to choose solar. Building power lines from a source is very costly, and solar can be cheaper to install than electric lines for places as close as a half kilometer from power line sources (1).

In addition, many governments have recognized the need to switch to renewable and clean energy sources. Countries around the world have implemented incentives to encourage citizens to invest in solar as an energy source. Both Uganda and Rwanda offer tax exemption for solar purchases to offset the cost.

Aptech Africa further increases the incentive to install solar by offering all their products at competitive prices and including warranties and free consultations and energy assessments for solar system installation.


Aptech Africa is unique because of the quality of the solar products it distributes and installs. Aptech Africa is known for using proven Western brands for system installation such as Hollandia, Grundfos, DAB, Schneider, Victron, Sundanzer, and Solartech. Aptech Africa is an authorized dealer for these companies and offers warranties with all their products.  In addition to the typical products expected to be found from a dealer, Aptech also offers products that cannot be found through any other dealer in East Africa such as Lithium Ion batteries from Hollandia and hybrid solar/wind powered street lamps.

Aptech Solar

Additionally, Aptech Africa is proud to offer its own line of European standard solar products with excellent performance and quality under the brand name Aptech Solar. Aptech Africa has the capacity to both deal and manufacture high end solar products, ensuring that their customers always get their satisfaction guaranteed with quality system installation.

Another exceptional aspect of Aptech Africa is the level of highly trained engineers and technicians which complete solar installation projects. All of the technicians have been extensively trained in the field and are competent to carry out any solar system installation, no matter the scale. This has been proven time and time again as Aptech has been the company of choice that organizations such as USAID and UNOPS have chosen to partner with for solar installation projects. Our track record and rate of expansion is a testimony to the quality of work that we do.

Aptech Africa prides itself on its reputation as a dependable company that its customers can trust. For over 10 years Aptech has been providing quality solar installation services in East Africa.


To establish solar energy as the primary means of power generation for East Africa’s organizations, businesses, and rural communities who are looking for clean, reliable, and cost effective electricity.


Secure the long-term sustainability of our business by offering top technology and exceptional service to our clients through:

  1. Sourcing the most reliable and well-respected brands internationally
  2. Keeping stock locally available for quick supply in case of new emergencies
  3. Offering warranty on all products and reliable technical support as quickly as possible

Aptech Africa has flourished in East Africa because of its quality products and installation, its practice of doing good business and prioritizing customer service, and its exceptional follow up care to ensure that all customers are satisfied with their solar products.

Solar is the energy source of the future. It’s one of the cleanest renewable sources of energy, making it the energy source of choice for those interested in preserving our world for our children. Solar technology is developing everyday as advances are made which can make solar power even cheaper and more accessible. Across Europe and the West, governments are giving incentives to encourage citizens to invest in solar. More and more architects are involving solar systems into the design of buildings as they try to create structures that are as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. The entire world is turning its eyes towards solar as the solution for its energy needs. It’s time for Africa to get a head start.