All we need to know is how much load you have. We calculate this for you and than we can tell you how much you need for your system.

Yes, we offer free transport when the location is within 10 km of our head offices. If the location is further than 10 km from the head office, we will charge for transportation costs.

Yes we have qualified and experienced engineers to install your solar system anywhere, anytime.

No, we charge installation fees based on the complexity of the system installed and the distance the project is from the head office. The installation fee includes accommodation for technicians, should the project take more than 1 day to install.

Our products are from companies with established reputations for quality and are located all over the world, including Hollandia (Netherlands), Grundfos (Denmark), DAB (Italy), Victron (Netherlands), Schneider (France), Aptech Solar (UK), and Sundanzer (USA).

Yes, we offer warranties based on the product.

We have a power back up banking system, so you will be able to store your energy. This means you will be able to use it even when there is no sunlight.

Yes, during the day the solar panels charge the battery, so even in the night you will be able to use it.