Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

Aptech Africa specializes in both off-grid inverters as well as grid-tied inverters. We stock the world’s leading manufacturers in inverters including a variety of sized pure sine wave inverters from manufacturers such Schneider, Victron, and Soleil Power.

Soleil Power

Soleil Power has cost-effective, intelligent low-frequency inverters. Both our SP2000 Pro Series and SP3000 Pro Series inverters provide high-quality technology with additional features including UPS function, and overload and short-circuit protection.

SP2000 Pro Series

Soleil Power offers high-quality, low-frequency power inverters with UPS function, ranging from 300W to 1000W. The comprehensive LCD offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button adjustments such as battery charge current, battery charge voltage, frequency, and buzzer. Additional features include built-in AVR function and deep discharge protection

SP3000 Pro series

SP3000 Pro series is an especially economical range of pure sine wave invertors with AC charge ranging from 35A-70A and power ranging from 1KW-6KW. When solar charging current is lower than utility, the AC will supply to charge batteries to optimize charging.

Victron Energy

Victron Energy manufactures high quality solar inverters with chargers that are built to meet European standards and certified by TUV Netherland.

Multi 500VA


The Multi 500VA is a pure sine wave inverter with an advanced battery charged. It uses the latest technology to create a high speed AC transfer switch. The design in compact and convenient.

  • Input voltage range 9.5-17V, 13-33V, 38-66V
  • Output voltage: 230 VAC +/- 2%
  • Frequency: 50Hz =/- 0.1%
  • Maximum efficiency: 90/91/92%
  • Power control: No
  • Transfer Switch: 16A
  • Enclosure material: Steel/ABS
  • Weight 4.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 331x182x100mm


The Multiplus is a true sine wave invert with battery charger.


12/24 Volt





12/24/48 Volt

For detailed information on Victron Energy inverters, including datasheets, please visit the official Victron Energy website to learn more.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is one of world’s leading solar businesses. It has been manufacturing quality inverters for over 15 years and is at the forefront of innovative and creative technological solutions for solar products. Aptech Africa stocks the full line of Schneider Electric’s Conext inverters. Aptech Africa is one of the few distributers in East Africa to offer on-grid inverters through Schneider Electric and has both single phase string inverters and three-phase inverters stocked.

Conext SW 230V and Conext SW 120/240V

Conext XW+230V and Conext XW+ 120/240V

Conext XW 230V and Conext XW 120/240V
Single-phase String Inverter

Conext RL
Three-phase Solar Inverters

Conext CL-60A String Inverter and Conext CL-60E String Inverter

Conext TL (8-10kW)

Conext CL-20/25 E and Conext CL- 18/25 NA

For detailed information on Schneider Electric inverters, including datasheets, please visit the official Schneider Electric website to learn more.