Aptech Commissions PV Hybrid System in Hargeisa, Somaliland

Aptech Commissions PV Hybrid System in Hargeisa, Somaliland

Aptech recently commissioned an integrated hybrid system at the UNDP office in Somaliland. This system has a generation capacity of 25 KWp using 76 pcs of 340 Wp solar panels and the storage capacity of 62.4KWh using 13 pcs of 100 Ah Bolt power lithium ion batteries. The system uses a 20 KW SOFAR Inverter, which is a PV hybrid inverter with inbuilt charge controllers to supply power to the entire office block.

The system has also two additional power sources: the Grid and a diesel generator which supplement the solar in case the demand is higher than the PV generation and the battery storage can provide.

The system was installed with a remote monitoring system which indicates the PV generation, load consumption, battery capacity level of charge and discharge, and the grid import to supply the loads.

The project is located in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland. It supplies all the loads in the UNDP office block. The block was selected among other blocks in the premises due to many critical loads. UNDP also selected their offices to demonstrate their commitment  to  fighting climate change and promoting environmental conservation with clean energy.

The power in Hargeisa is unstable which hinders office activities. The generator was not the best alternative due to air and noise pollution. This project has the unique features of being the only project in Hargeisa with a simplified lockable outdoor cabinet that combines all energy storage components.

The project has significantly reduced the utility bills because all daytime loads and part of the nighttime loads are powered by solar.

Social and Economic Impacts of the Project

This system is seen as a path to energy independence where power can be managed by the user according to the demand. The project serves as a sample project for the city of Hargeisa, demonstrating the possibilities of renewable energy implementation. Thanks to Aptech’s implementation, this project has created job opportunities from the line of production to the installer team, as well as to protect UNDP offices from rising energy costs.    

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  • Kenneth Luryama. Moi

    How much is a system that can power a 4-5 house?
    That means a big refrigerator, 50 inch TV, a water heater, radios and all the lighting that can go on for 24 hrs a day.

  • Racheal Kabagabe

    Hello Kenneth,
    To recommend the best system, we need to do a site assessment, to determine the total energy your appliances consume to give accurate estimates.

    Kindly let’s know where your home is, and we will send our technician to do the assessment.

    Thank you

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