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AC & DC water pump and storage tank solutions for every situation. Submersible pumps, surface pumps, booster pumps, you name it we have it.

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Nothing is more crucial than safe clean water. We offer affordable solutions for bringing water to your home or even smaller community.

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Stop worrying about dry season and unpredictable rainfall. Take control of when to irrigate your crops with our irrigation kits and get the most out of your farm.

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No more blackouts with our affordable Solar Power Battery solutions. Run your most important appliances at home, like TV, laptop, lights, fan and phone charging.

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Everything you wish for and even more. Run all your household appliances with solar and reduce your electricity cost by up to 80%. We have the right solution for your budget and needs with our Off grid and Hybrid Solar Power Storage Systems.

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Making life simple. With our high-quality solar water heaters, solar fridges and solar security lights, you have nothing to worry about anymore. A guaranteed hot shower in the morning and cold food in the fridge will make life so much better.

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Domestic Water Applications

Learn more about our sustainable water solutions

Decide for Quality

High efficiency solar pumps from our trusted partners for small, medium and large applications. Our pumps come in a variety of designs including submersible groundwater pumps, surface pumps, immiscible pumps, circulator pumps, booster pumps and many more. Choosing the right one depends on the job you need it to perform. We offer high quality pumps from Grundfos, Lorentz, Soleil Power and Ennos to cater different needs and budgets. Our engineering team will happily assist you in selecting the best solution.

Water is Life

Are you in need of an off-grid drinking water solution? Aptech is able to offer the full package from borehole drilling to solar pumping to water purification. Rest assured that your family will have access to clean water with Aptech’s water purification systems.

Time to Increase Your Farm's Performance

Are you interested in improving the productivity of your farm? Aptech’s solar water pumping and irrigation solutions can help increase crop yield by 50% or more. Contact us today to learn about our irrigation solutions, including PAY-N-PUMP, the pay-as-you-go solar water pumping solution.


Domestic Solar Applications

Home Use Solar Applications In Detail

Forget about Blackouts

Tired of being left in the dark when the power goes off? Aptech’s strong long-lasting battery back-up systems will make sure you have power to keep running all of your favorite electrical appliances long after any power outage.

One Stop Shop for All Your Energy Needs

Aptech’s team is ready to install stand-alone, grid-tied, hybrid, and back-up systems for your home. These solar powered systems can help reduce your electricity bills by as much as 80%, and ensure that your power supply is never cut off.

Convenient and Worry Free

Need appliances that will still work no matter what the power situation is? Aptech offers a range of solar appliances including water heaters, fridges, and security lighting. Rest assured that your food won’t spoil and your water will be hot with over 48 hours of backup coverage, so you know your systems will be working even on cloudy days.

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