Aptech recently designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a hybrid solar system at the Kabala Government Hospital in Sierra Leone in a project funded by UNICEF.

The system has a roof mounted 26.73kWp of Soleil Power solar panels and 63.9kWh of battery storage of Pylon Tech Lithium-Ion batteries with three 5KVA Victron Quattro inverters, Victron Maximum Power Point Tracking charge controllers, all high-quality products to ensure the system gives maximum efficiency to our client. The system is hybrid and uses energy from both solar and diesel generator. The system has a remote monitoring system which provides information on energy generation, inverter, weather condition, loading.

Kabala Government Hospital is located in Kabala town, Sierra Leone. Due to the lack of electricity in the area, the solar system will ensure a reliable supply of power to the hospital hence improving the health lives of the beneficiaries. The system is programmed to allow supply of power at all times with an integration with a diesel generator in case there are maintenance activities on the solar system.

Positive social-economic and environmental benefits of this system

  • Thanks to Aptech’s work on this project, the entire population of each of these communities can benefit from these systems as they improve health services, hence improving the economical lives of the people as they are in better health to work longer hours.
  • Environmental benefits including climate change mitigation through using the renewable energy from the sun as it reduces the carbon foot print of each of these hospitals.
  • With a hybrid system, there will be reduced monthly bills as only diesel is used as back up.

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