• Water Heaters Application
  • Energy Storage Technology
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Off Grid and Hybrid Solutions

Aptech Africa supplies and installs quality solar water heaters. Aptech’s team of engineers are able to design for industrial size centralized solar water heating solutions. Aptech’s team of technicians have the capacity to install complex multi-solar water heater systems for businesses, hotels, and residential homes.

Brand: Soleil Power, Calpak

Aptech Africa provides containerized solutions for energy storage systems which can be used for off-grid and hybrid solutions. Aptech has partnered with Sustain Power to install ESS within South Sudan.

Aptech Africa supplies and installs quality street and security lights. These lights use lithium ion batteries and have long life. These lights are ideal for residential, municipality, and business applications.

Brands: Soleil Power

Aptech has installed thousands of stand-alone off-grid PV systems across Africa. It is also an expert in hybrid solutions. Aptech Africa is the EPC company of choice for mini-grid installations.