25 Boreholes Drilled in Bangassou

25 Boreholes Drilled in Bangassou

Aptech Africa recently finished drilling 25 boreholes in the Northeast and Northwest of the Bangassou Region in Central African Republic in a project funded by UNOPS.

Bangassou is located in Southeastern CAR, located along the Mbomou region. Boosting a population of almost 25,000 people, this town borders the Democratic Republic of Congo and was captured by rebel fighters in 2020, but has since come back under government control according to MINUSCA. According to OCHA, in January 2021, there were over 16,000 internally displaced people living in Bangassou. 2,500 households in nearby SIWA lack access to safe drinking water which can lead to water-borne diseases.   

Despite the logistic challenges which have prevented many humanitarian agencies from continuing their work in the region, Aptech Africa was able to drill 25 boreholes in the area, working to significantly increase access to water for internally displaced people living there. Aptech continues to serve the most marginalized communities across Africa while working towards its mission to increase access to clean water.

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