Aptech Africa PV-Hybrid Installation (Cameroon)

Aptech Africa PV-Hybrid Installation (Cameroon)

Who, What & Where

  • Aptech Africa
  • 18.36 kWp hybrid solar grid system, with 25.2 kWh energy storage
  • Yaoundé, Cameroon

The Company

Aptech Africa is an engineering, procurement, and construction company for solar energy and water pumping projects. Aptech’s HQ office is in Uganda, and it operates in seven countries across the continent. Aptech offers a wide range of solutions for home, business, and industrial purposes. Applications it provides include off-grid and hybrid solutions, energy storage technology, solar water heaters, solar streetlights, borehole drilling, water pumping and distribution, water treatment, irrigation, power transmission, substation maintenance, and power distribution. Aptech offers sales services to help their clients find the ideal solar solution to their energy needs and after sales services to maintain their products and systems.

The Challenge

The UNPD country office did not have a reliable and consistent power source, so this change was needed to avoid power interruption for critical IT equipment.

Renewable Solution

The renewable energy solution was chosen to decrease UNDP’s carbon footprint, stabilise the existing grid, and to showcase solar hybrid solutions within the country for other projects.

Project Financing and Costs

This project was funded by UNDP and costs included the supply, installation, and O&M costs for the project.

Project Outcome

UNDP office staff will now have an uninterrupted power supply within the office with a reduced carbon footprint, enabling them to provide important developmental support to the country of Cameron as a whole.

Next Steps

Aptech Africa will continue to provide O&M for the project to ensure the system is optimally operating. This project will serve as a demonstration site for Cameroon and hopefully lead to the uptake of similar renewable energy solutions.


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