Aptech Installs Grid-tied PV System in Lesotho

Aptech Installs Grid-tied PV System in Lesotho

Aptech Africa recently commissioned a 35.5 KWp grid-tied system in Maseru, Lesotho in a project funded by UNDP.

This 35.5 KWp grid-tied roof-mounted system was installed using a Goodwe three phase inverter. The system has a SEC1000 controller which controls the inverter from feeding power to the grid and is also able to send data to a remote monitoring dashboard on how much energy is generated on a daily basis and savings on utility bills from the grid.

This project is located in Maseru, Lesotho at the UNDP building. This location was selected as a pilot site for the community in order to demonstrate how solar can save money and be a cheap energy alternative. It was also an ideal site as an office building since the maximum energy consumption is during the day when the panels are generating electricity and most of the loads can be powered directly from the sun.

The advantage of this hybrid system is that it does not require battery storage, making it cheap and the best alternative for businesses operating during the day.  

Thanks to Aptech’s work on this project, the equipment for more than 15 offices will be powered by solar. The system is expected to encourage the community to turn to solar as a sustainable alternative source of power for both businesses and homes.  

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