Supply and Installation of a 50kWp Solar System in Sierra Leone

Supply and Installation of a 50kWp Solar System in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, like many African nations, faces significant challenges in providing reliable electricity to its citizens. A lack of access to power not only hampers economic development but also affects crucial sectors such as healthcare and education. Traditional energy sources often fall short, leaving communities in the dark and hindering progress.

Recognizing this pressing need, Aptech Africa saw an opportunity to make a meaningful impact by designing, supplying, installing and commissioning a 51.2kWp ground mounted solar system.

The system also included 400Wp Soleil Power Panels and a 102.6kWh battery bank with 5.7kWh Alpha ESS Li-ion battery storage. The system also included a monitoring system that will monitor the system for any faults.

Suddenly, homes that were once shrouded in darkness are bathed in light, providing families with access to clean and reliable electricity. Schools are equipped with solar-powered lights, enabling students to study long after the sun has set.

Health clinics can now operate essential medical equipment, improving healthcare outcomes for countless individuals. But the impact goes beyond just access to electricity.

Solar power brings with it economic opportunities, as businesses can now operate more efficiently and productively. It also contributes to environmental sustainability, reducing reliance on polluting fossil fuels and mitigating the effects of climate change in Sierra Leone.

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