Aptech solar PV system


Aptech Africa Ltd, recently made significant strides in bridging the energy gap by installing a pioneering PV minigrid with a distribution line in Mandelia- Chad.

Chad, like many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, faces numerous hurdles in providing universal access to electricity. Remote villages and underserved communities often rely on costly and environmentally harmful diesel generators or have no access to electricity at all.

This energy poverty not only limits economic opportunities but also hampers essential services such as healthcare, education, and communication.

Recognizing the urgent need for innovative energy solutions, Aptech Africa took on the challenge of bringing clean, reliable power to the people of Chad. Aptech Africa designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a standalone ground mounted 78kWp solar PV minigrid system with a 324kWh battery bank storage using Ulica solar modules, Alpha ESS inverters and Lithium ion batteries.

The remote monitoring system using the Alpha ESS system was installed to provide real time information about the system. One of the key features of the PV minigrid is its distribution line, which extends the reach of electricity to communities far from the main power grid.

The PV minigrid serves as a model for replication and scalability across Chad and beyond. The minigrid will benefit more than 100 people in the communities, schools and medical institutions. As other regions grapple with similar energy challenges, Aptech Africa’s success demonstrates the feasibility and benefits of investing in renewable energy solutions.

By showcasing the economic, social, and environmental advantages of solar-powered minigrids, the installation inspires confidence and spurs further investment in clean energy infrastructure

The installation of the PV minigrid, powered by solar energy, marks a significant departure from traditional fossil fuel-based systems. By harnessing the abundant sunlight that Chad enjoys year-round, Aptech Africa’s solution not only reduces carbon emissions but also offers a sustainable alternative to conventional energy sources.

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