Water Heater Commercial Installations

Water Heater Commercial Installations

Aptech Africa recently completed a commercial installation of two solar water heaters in Muyenga, Kampala-Uganda. Each of these systems are 2,000L and are used to provide hot water to over 150 people in 49 apartments.

Aptech Africa used water heaters made specially from Greece. These water heaters are unique because they have 20 flat plat collectors: (type of collector we use to convert sunshine to heat) and their top-notch quality. This type of collector is better than the ’evacuated tube collectors’ which are commonly used in Europe. Evacuated tube collectors need a smaller amount of sunshine to heat water and can burst or be damaged when used in hot climates. Flat plat collectors are designed for hotter climates and can withstand high temperatures (40 degrees C+).

The water heaters installed are hybrid using both DC & AC. This means that the systems can be connected to electricity which can serve as a back-up in case there is not enough sunshine. This will help to have constant hot water supply at the apartments for the residents while cutting costs for the investor.

When it comes to having a reliable source of hot water, solar water heaters are a great way to save money on your electric bill.

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