Aptech Africa Commissions First Project in Asia!

Aptech Africa Commissions First Project in Asia!

Aptech Africa is proud to announce that it has commissioned its first solar project in Asia at the in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Solar energy is one of the most sustainable sources of renewable energy in Nepal, thanks to its 50,000 TWh annual potential. Solar energy can easily provide all the needed energy for the entire country if properly deployed. Nepal expects its energy demands to increase and currently has the plan of installing 200 W of solar energy per person per year over the next 50 years.

Aptech’s solution for its site in Kathmandu was a 40 KWp solar hybrid system. Aptech designed a 2.5m elevated ballasted mounting system to allow people to comfortably walk under the system. The system was designed for the roof and made to minimizing shading while maximizing roof space. The energy storage system uses Alpha ESS Storion T50 to fully integrate the solar system. The modular battery bank totals 68.76 KWh of storage with a fully integrated monitoring system from Alpha ESS.

With the entire world moving towards renewables, Aptech is helping to be part of this transition in not just Africa, but now Asia as well.

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