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Aptech CAR Donates Solar Lights to School Children

The Aptech Africa office in Central African Republic has donated solar lights to children attending the Lakouanga Public Boys and Girls School as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Many students in Central African Republic don’t have access to electricity. Thus, children who are in school and want...

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Scholarships for Female Engineers

Aptech Africa South Sudan is delighted to have paid full scholarship fees for Palma Pita Joseph Leju to accomplish her dream as an electrical engineer as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Program. She is one of the few female candidates in the engineering program, and we are so...

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Aptech Africa’s Impact Story

Aptech Africa has connected 1,125 households & businesses with clean renewable energy in 2020 alone, benefitting 48,886 people. We provide communities and farmers with solar powered water pumping solutions • 124,638 people benefitted to access to water pumped by solar water pumps in 2020 alone • Access to clean...

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