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Solutions For Female Farmers

In Africa, there are constraints arising from the gender gap in the agriculture sector. Addressing this gap has the potential to produce significant gains for society by increasing agricultural productivity, reducing poverty and hunger, and promoting economic growth. In essence, targeted investments in female farmers and instituting policies that...

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25 Boreholes Drilled in Bangassou

Aptech Africa recently finished drilling 25 boreholes in the Northeast and Northwest of the Bangassou Region in Central African Republic in a project funded by UNOPS. Bangassou is located in Southeastern CAR, located along the Mbomou region. Boosting a population of almost 25,000 people, this town borders the Democratic...

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Aptech Africa’s Impact Story

Aptech Africa has connected 1,125 households & businesses with clean renewable energy in 2020 alone, benefitting 48,886 people. We provide communities and farmers with solar powered water pumping solutions • 124,638 people benefitted to access to water pumped by solar water pumps in 2020 alone • Access to clean...

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