Ennos Sunlight Pump Applications

Ennos Sunlight Pump Applications

The Sunlight Pump by Ennos is a solar powered surface water pumping solution with an abundance of applications. The Sunlight pump only weight 14 Kgs making it mobile and easy to share with neighbors. The pump can be attached to a sprinkler system to provide crop irrigation, or it can be used to pump water for livestock. Certain animals such as dairy cattle need as much as 30-50 gallons of water per day in order to produce milk. In addition, the Sunlight pump can be used to pump water needed for fish farming.  When coupled with water filtration and purification systems, the Sunlight pump can be used for water and sanitation at institutions such as schools and hospitals, drinking water, and household applications such as cleaning and cooking.

The Sunlight pump uses energy from the sun to pump water from a surface source such as a river, pond, or canal. The water can be used directly or stored in a tank. The Sunlight pump uses Swiss technology to create a robust system with a lifetime of up to 10 years, and solar panels with a lifetime performance warranty of 25 years. As the pump is solar pump, there is no fuel requirement and maintenance is minimum, making it an affordable and climate smart alternative to diesel pumps.

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