Aptech Africa’s Impact Story

Aptech Africa’s Impact Story

Aptech Africa has connected 1,125 households & businesses with clean renewable energy in 2020 alone, benefitting 48,886 people.

We provide communities and farmers with solar powered water pumping solutions

• 124,638 people benefitted to access to water pumped by solar water pumps in 2020 alone

• Access to clean water improves sanitation and health

• Solar water pumping is also used for irrigation which can improve crop yield by 50% or more, leading to increased socio-economic status

Aptech has installed hundreds of systems benefitting thousands of people throughout Uganda

• Connected 1,125 households & businesses with solar energy in 2020

• Helped to bring access to electricity to 48,886 people in 2020

• Aptech has piloted innovative solutions such as PAY-N-PUMP which make solar powered water pumping affordable for low-income farmers

Aptech is replacing generators with clean solar energy, helping to reduce carbon emissions

• Installed over 1,488 KWs in 2020 alone

• Each Kilowatt hour of solar energy installed saves 40g of CO2 emissions

• Aptech is helping to build a cleaner environment for future generations

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