Aptech Africa Offers Solar Blood Bank Solutions

Aptech Africa Offers Solar Blood Bank Solutions

In Africa, safe blood transfusions are difficult to obtain. Africa has high rates of diseases that frequently require blood transfusions such as malaria and sickle cell anemia. In addition, finding blood for a transfusion is difficult and expensive due to the lack of facilities able to store blood in hospitals. For quality blood transfusions, it is crucial to always have aseptic measures at all stages from phlebotomy, processing, transporting, and blood storage. The lack of adequate blood storage facilities often times results in chronic blood shortages within many African countries. With access to the right solutions, it is possible to standardize the quality of blood storage in hospitals and revive hemovigilance to give the best blood solutions to patients.

To address this issue, Aptech Africa brings you VC200SDD-B which a solar powered blood bank solution from Dulas. Dulas is a UK manufacturer of the highest WHO approved vaccine and blood banks solar refrigerators. By using solar direct drive technology, this blood bank safely stores blood products around the clock.

The high energy density of the PCM lining means rapid cooling, and the ability to run in cloudy, low light conditions means greater reliability than other battery-free solutions. This system is equipped with an alarm system in case the temperature raises or drops to an inopportune level.  It also includes a temperature chart recorder which is battery powered to allow for 24-hour monitoring. Its 132L capacity enables the storage of up to 120 x 280ml blood bags.

Features & Benefits;

  • 120 x 280ml bloodbag storage capacity
  • +5°C to +43°C extended operating temperature range
  • Works at WHO solar reference period 3.5kWh/m2 /24h
  • 90hr 30min holdover at +43°C
  • 79hr 29min autonomy at +43°C
  • Maximum and minimum temperature recording
  • Dedicated technical support and aftercare
  • In-built solar powered temperature display
  • All-metal, high strength hinges
  • Heavy duty castors to make handling easier
  • User-independent Grade A freeze protection
  • Completely battery free, with plug and play connectors for easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly: R600a refrigerant with low global warming potential and innovative insulation technology, giving exceptional energy efficiency
  • Packaging tested to industry standards
  • Tested to survive ambient storage temperatures up to +70°C
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • CFC-free

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