So many homes, buildings and hotels are having problems with low water pressures in their showers, laundry and other water points. Low water pressure can be solved by visiting your local Aptech Africa showroom today and installing a DAB pressure boosting pump.

What are the Advantages of DAB Pumps?

  1. Quiet operation/running. Just like any other device, a pump will always produce noise while running but special attention was paid to DAB booster pumps to limit any kind of inconvenient noise.
  2. Easy to use. DAB booster pumps like E.sybox are specifically designed to for easy installation and have a user-friendly interface.
  3. Latest technology. DAB pumps are designed with the latest technology that tops all other pump manufacturers in the same industry.
  4. Sensors. DAB pumps like the E.sybox have inbuilt pressure sensors that increase it’s speed (rpm) with the required pressure.
  5. Dry-run protection. DAB pressure booster pumps have in-built sensors that help in dry-run protection. This in turn helps keep the pumps from jamming and eventually burning out and hence,  these pumps have a longer life than others.
  6. Pressure tank. E.sybox pressure booster pumps have built-in pressure tanks that help keep the pumps from pulsating and they can meet the required pressure without turning on & off all the time, which is not the case with other pumps and this also reduces on power consumption.

Come in to Aptech’s showroom today to choose DAB pressure booster pumps because they’re reliable, technically advanced, and easy to install and efficient. DAB pumps can ensure high energy savings in domestic and residential applications.

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