Dulas Solar Powered Vaccine Fridges with Temperature Monitoring

Dulas Solar Powered Vaccine Fridges with Temperature Monitoring

Aptech Africa brings you Dulas fridges with the best qualities, capacities, and technology to deliver solar schemes and refrigeration to areas that need it most.

Vaccines need to be stored at specific temperatures to remain effective in preventing and managing disease.

Temperature fluctuations can reduce or even destroy the effectiveness of vaccines, so monitoring and controlling temperatures in vaccine refrigerators are vital.

Applying RTM technology is a simple way to improve the reliability of cold chain equipment, enhance, maintenance, and ensure fewer vaccines are spoiled. Dulas refrigerators also come with an integrated ‘Beyond’ RTM device attached to the front of the refrigerator.

Dulas fridges have other different and special features all health centers can benefit from such as:

  • 94 hours holdover at +43°C
  • Corrosion tested to DIN 8985
  • In-built handle with lock
  • In-built solar powered temperature display
  • All-metal, high strength hinges
  • Heavy-duty castors to make handling easier
  • User-independent Grade A freeze protection
  • Environmentally friendly: R600a refrigerant with low global-warming potential and innovative insulation technology, giving exceptional energy efficiency
  • Packaging tested to industry standards
  • Tested to survive ambient storage temperatures up to +70°C
  • British made
  • CFC-free

Contact Aptech Africa for all sizes of Dulas fridges and be the best Vaccine provider at all times.

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