Ennos Sunlight Pump for Irrigation Applications

Ennos Sunlight Pump for Irrigation Applications

Many farmers in Africa still rely on traditional, low-productive irrigation methods and rainfall. As rainfall patterns become less reliable as a result of climate change, farmers run a high risk of crop failure. As Africa’s overall population continues to grow at 2.5% in 2020, irrigation is essential to meet the nutritional requirements of a growing population.

Accessing innovative technology is another aspect that can improve irrigation. The Sunlight pump by ennos has a blue tooth enabled system that can allow for pumping data to be gathered and the pump to be remotely controlled. The sunlight pump has an automated delivery system that can deliver irrigation without labor or physical presence in the fields. In addition, because the sunlight pump is light weight and portable, it can be moved to supply multiple farmers with water pumping and irrigation. Irrigation can increase land productivity and household income.

The sunlight pump can be connected to either drip or sprinkler irrigation systems. Drip irrigation can save up to 70% of water when compared to flood irrigation techniques. Productivity has shown to increase by as much as 230% with irrigation; the use of fertilizer can increase productivity by an additional 30%. Irrigation means that crops can reach early maturity, and be better quality. Aptech’s team is ready to help its customers start saving on labor costs and increasing their household income through a solar water pumping and irrigation system.

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