EPC Company Commissions Hybrid PV Systems for e-mobility in Uganda

EPC Company Commissions Hybrid PV Systems for e-mobility in Uganda

Aptech recently commissioned a hybrid PV system for Zembo Motorcycles in Kampala, Uganda. The system consists of solar PV panels with battery storage and is integrated with the city’s grid.

This system uses a hybrid inverter with two AC inputs and outputs, allowing for an additional power source like a generator to be connected whenever required. Though the site has one inverter, but its design allows for the addition of more two inverters in case a three-phase system is required.

The system also has a smart solar charge controller with maximum power point capabilities for battery voltage auto-detection to match the PV voltage in the cases of partial shading. Both technologies allow for remote monitoring, PV-generated power, grid-supplied power and fault detection.

The system will help to recharge 20-30 bikes per day, supporting over 70 beneficiaries, reducing clients’ electricity bills and providing a reliable power supply. This system has the benefit of boosting Kampala’s e-mobility sector through solar for the productive use of charging e-motorcycle batteries.

Positive socio-economic and environmental impacts for Uganda e-mobility

Aptech in a press release said introducing this new system will hopefully mean:

  • The mindset of the community will change to embrace new e-mobility technologies to save money and improve the quality of life;
  • The average income for motorcycle riders will increase since they will be spending less on fuel due to the use of electric bikes;
  • The success of this charging station can lead to the establishment of other similar stations around Kampala; and
  • The emission of greenhouse gases will be reduced due to the use of e-motor bikes.

Solar is now playing a part in helping Kampala go green through the increased availability of stations for swapping batteries, thus supporting the overall e-mobility sector, said Aptech.

Story By Nasi Hako

Source: https://www.esi-africa.com/solar/epc-company-commissions-hybrid-pv-systems-for-e-mobility-in-uganda/

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