Lorentz Hybrid Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Lorentz Hybrid Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Aptech Africa is working hard to bring the best quality solar water pumping solutions to Africa. That’s why it’s an authorized dealer for Lorentz products.

Lorentz is a German company founded in 1993. It specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of solar water pumps. All hardware and software engineering is done in Hamburg, Germany. Lorentz products are specifically designed for off-grid challenging environments. Their products are simple to service and extremely durable, making them perfect for the African market. Lorentz applications include solar water pumping for drinking and irrigation. Aptech is one of the Lorentz partners located in 130 countries around the world, and works hard to provide local support for its products.

One of the products Aptech is proud to offer it the Lorentz PSk3 hybrid solar pumping controller. This controller is for 3 phase pumps. It offers an automatic choice of power source with blending of solar power and grid or generator. It has extensive input and output features to manage water delivery, including onboard data logging, simple app configuration, and remote management.

The PSk3 allows customers to focus on daily business while it manages water delivery and cost optimization. It maximizes the use of solar for clean power at a low cost, and then blends a second energy source when required.

Be sure to visit Aptech Africa to see how you can get the Lorentz PSk3 hybrid solar water pumping controller to help you configure your optimized solar water pumping system. today For more information visit: https://www.lorentz.de/products-and-technology/products/psk-solar-pumping-systems/

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  • Baboola Dorothy

    so beautiful how can you help me have home that need to have solar to pump water, lights TV

    • admin

      Hi Dorothy, thank you for reaching out to us. You can either send us an email at sales@aptechafrica.com or call any of our available numbers so we can talk and we see how we can be of help

  • Gideon

    Hello im Gideon from Kenya I’m looking to buy lorentz sole water pumps and controllers

    • admin

      HI Gideon, thank you for reaching out to us. Please contact our head office on +256 392 001 689 for further assistance.

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