PAY-N-PUMP Launches a New Website!

PAY-N-PUMP Launches a New Website!

Aptech Africa is proud to announce that PAY-N-PUMP, its innovative solution for solar water pumping and irrigation for small scale farmers, has launched its own website.

PAY-N-PUMP is a solar water pump and irrigation solution that uses smart technology to offer pay-as-you-go water services to small-scale farmers. PAY-N-PUMP solutions are delivered and installed at no cost to the farmer. Farmers use mobile money to make easy payments to activate their pumping system whenever they need it. The PAY-N-PUMP solution also comes with the support of agronomists who provide advice to farmers regarding agriculture best practices to help increase crop yields. PAY-N-PUMP also provides full maintenance to ensure the pumping systems are always working. PAY-N-PUMP is the comprehensive solutions to help small-scale farmers in Uganda get the most productivity from their land.

Check out the PAY-N-PUMP website to find out about payment packages, read testimonials from our current clients, sign up for our newsletter, or see a video on how the pumping system works. Visit:

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