Soleil inverters are backup inverters whose application ensures reliability of power supply especially in backup system. However, these can be used in off-grid solutions in the case of unavailability of pure off-grid inverters.

Their advantages include;

  1. They are pure sine wave inverters.
  2. They come in different voltages ie.12V, 24V and 48V.
  3. They have UPS features, i.e., supply continuous power in case of a blackout.
  4. They have an automatic changeover to the main grid.
  5. They don’t produce noise or fumes during operation.

The soleil inverters available in stock;

  1. Soleil Inverter SP12V/900VA
  2. Soleil Inverter SP12V/1100VA
  3. Soleil Inverter SP24V/1500VA
  4. Soleil Inverter SP24V/2000VA


  1. Soleil Inverter Proton 48V/3500VA
  2. Soleil Inverter Proton 48V/5000VA

These are inverters are readily available at our showroom, please contact us to learn more.

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