Aptech Africa Commits to the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code

Aptech Africa Commits to the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code

Aptech Africa takes consumer protection very seriously. Aptech knows that to thrive, the off-grid industry should put consumers first. That’s why Aptech has committed to the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code.

The Consumer Protection Code consists of a set of principles and an assessment framework to enable companies to measure, demonstrate and improve their practices, and provide investors and other stakeholders with a framework to promote good practice. The code establishes the de facto industry standard for consumer protection that adds value to off-grid solar companies, investors and other stakeholders.

The Principles represent the minimum standards of practice consumers should expect from an off-grid solar company: transparency, responsible sales and pricing, good consumer service, good product quality, data privacy, and fair and respectful treatment.

Aptech Africa Ltd is using the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code as a framework for its pay-as-you-go solar water pumping and irrigation solution called PAY-N-PUMP. Aptech is putting its customers first with its customer service and consumer protection.

To learn more about the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code, follow this link:  https://youtu.be/kYCj84H9xn8

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