Aptech Africa Solar PV System and Solar Water Pump Installation in Juba

Aptech Africa Solar PV System and Solar Water Pump Installation in Juba

In an inspiring move towards sustainable development and community empowerment, Aptech Africa- Juba has successfully designed, supplied and installed a solar PV system and a solar water pump at a youth centre in Juba, South Sudan. This innovative project is set to transform the daily operations of the centre, providing reliable electricity and clean water to support the vital work being done for the youth in the area.

Aptech Africa installed a 10kWp Roof mounted Off grid system with a 28.8kWh battery bank and a 2kWp solar water pump. The pump was a Grundfos submersible pump SQF 2.5-2. The panels used were Risen Panels of 545W, Ritar 200Ah Gel batteries and a 5KVA Victron multiplus inverter. Juba faces a lot of challenges with the access to electricity as well as clean water. These issues are particularly impactful for community centres that serve as crucial hubs for youth education, vocational training, and social activities. Aptech’s initiative to introduce renewable energy solutions at the youth centre is a much-needed step towards addressing these challenges and promoting sustainability.

The installed system will ensure that the people working at the youth center will be able to support, counsel, and teach the youth life skills. The system will positively impact more than 200 people and bring positive social impact like reduced expenses of paying hefty electricity bills, climate change mitigation achieved by use of clean energy from the sun rather than diesel generators, and saving on water bills.

Aptech’s installation of solar PV systems and a solar water pump at the youth centre not only empowers the youth by providing them with essential resources but also sets a precedent for sustainable development in the region. This project exemplifies the transformative power of renewable energy and its potential to create a positive and lasting impact on communities.

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