Aptech CAR Commissions PV+ Energy Storage Project

Aptech CAR Commissions PV+ Energy Storage Project

Aptech Africa in Central African Republic recently commissioned a 21.6 KWp roof mounted PV system with 144 KWh battery storage in a project funded by UNDP. This project was a roof mounted system and used 15 KVA three phase inverters. This system also included a Victron GX GXM Color Control remote monitoring system which allows the client to control and monitor the energy storage system and control the generator when installed.

This project was built in Bossangoa, Central African Republic, about 300 km north of the capital Bangui. This system was built to provide power in the Ministries of the Bossangoa City, including the mayor, and will indirectly benefit the local Bossangoa community of around 40,000 people. This site was selected because it is the workplace for civil servants. The building itself was constructed by the European Union in 2016, and electricity will allow civil servants to increase their work productivity by 100%. Administrative processes such as issuing birth certificates, national IDs, company registrations, and even wedding certificates will now be made easy thanks to the access to electricity.

The project was originally started in September 2020, but due to security issues in the region, it had to be put on hold. Aptech originally installed the system in December 2020, but once the rebels came to the area, the system was dismantled and stolen by looters. The system had to be repaired and all stolen parts replaced in order for its commissioning in September 2021. Thanks to this project completion, youth can now attend trainings and administrative meetings in order to seek employment, and ministries will now be able to generate revenue through the delivery of administrative documents.

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