Ugandan Companies Providing Solar Water Solutions

Ugandan Companies Providing Solar Water Solutions

Aptech Africa Ltd, a solar energy and water pumping company headquartered in Kampala, Uganda, recently designed, built and installed a 59 KW solar powered water pumping project in Kikuube District, Uganda. This Lutheran World Federation funded project, incorporated a Grundfos water pump and inverter with Soleil Power panels.

This system has the capacity to pump 32,000 liters of water per hour, and has two 218,000 liter tanks that deliver water 3.8 kilometers to service 25,000 people within the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement.

Water Access for Refugee Settlements
Kyangwali Refugee Settlement was founded in the 1960’s and is home to over 109,000 people who have fled violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thanks to this solar powered water pumping system, 25,000 people are now able to access water through 25 distribution points with 4 taps each. This will reduce long queues and the time and energy taken to access water. The system especially impacts women and children who traditionally bear the burden of fetching water for households.

Solar Powered Water Pumping as an Alternative for Diesel Pumps
Solar powered water pumping systems are virtually maintenance free, and with the reduced running time of diesel generators, this system will have a speedy payback time. Each liter of diesel fuel releases 2.68 kg of carbon into the atmosphere, so this system helps to protect the environment from harmful carbon emissions. Solar powered water pumping systems make financial sense for off-grid operations and have been implemented all across Africa as an environmentally friendly solution for pumping water.

Aptech Africa has offices in Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. It is working with local governments and NGOs to make sure that solar powered water pumping is part of the solution for addressing Africa’s water crisis.

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